Hey, I’m Kel aka Kelly, WiscoKel, or Wisco. If you can’t tell from the name, I’m from Wisconsin. I’ve been streaming on Twitch since March of 2015 but really didn’t stream often. I started streaming on a more regular basis in March of 2020. I created my YouTube in April of 2015. I don’t post super regularly there but hopefully some day, I will. I rarely play solo video games because I enjoy the fact that they can really be a social aspect. Especially in these days of quarantine and Covid-19


Hi, I’m Luna aka WiscoDog. WiscoKel is my mom. My mom says I’m super cute and that people really enjoy seeing me on her stream. She also created an Instagram account for me, mostly because she’s obsessed with taking pictures. I was born in Oklahoma and the shelter down there sent me to a shelter in Wisconsin when I was 8 months old. My mom found me the day after I arrived to Wisconsin and took me home two days later after the shelter finished their paperwork. I love to cuddle and get so excited when people come over to see me.

Mom got a DNA test done and I am:

  • 25% American Saffordshire Terrier
  • 12.5% Australian Cattle Dog
  • 12.5% German Shepherd
  • 50% Super Mutt